Emilee Spinelli and the team at Infinity Dressage are absolutely amazing! Emilee, is so understanding, patient, caring and a true professional.

She is the first trainer ever that asked me the day we started lessons what my goals were for myself and my horse. She understands my goals and helps me to achieve them through knowledge, demonstration and creative productive ways to keep myself and my horse engaged in work.

I’ve tried many disciplines over the past 5 years and I have to say due to Emileeā€™s professionalism and positive attitude dressage is by far to date my favorite.

I truly feel that Guinness and I are headed down the right path!

Thank you Emilee for being honest, caring and compassionate towards me my pony!

Erica Sloan Passman


Emilee Spinelli and infinity Dressage have an educated, kind and insightful approach. Emilee excels at diagnosing trouble spots, and she teaches in a clear, consistent and encouraging way. She will work with any rider, from any background. You will not just ride, you will improve and your horse will improve. Emilee is a rare find in the dressage world.

Amber Mitchell-Block